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Newsletter 5.1: Dr Dahl (ND) Talks About The Increase In Autism Rates In Canada And The United States

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Some Autism-Vaccine Connection Studies

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As CTV recently reported, it is now estimated that 1 in 68 children suffer from autism, versus the previous estimate of 1 in 88. This 30 percent jump in the Canadian rate is also reflected in the U.S., where autism rates have more than doubled. The origin of autism is unknown; scientists are currently researching genetics, environmental triggers, and even in-utero autism development as possible leads. The article theorized that the increased autism rates could just be the result of increased awareness and better diagnosis.

I think it is time to look beneath the surface and to discover matching parallels in what else has been on the rise and has changed in the last 20 years.

Vaccinations never seem to be questioned as a possible cause of autism by the mainstream media--almost like the very subject is an acceptable procedure and a staple to our health care system. I have yet to hear openly that the increase in autism could be the result of heavy metal residues from vaccinations. Where is the evidence that bars further examination? Where is the transparency of the ingredients used in preparation, and the mercury reside left from the extraction method? To produce a vaccination matching a particular strain of toxins for one particular illness, how can they just add other illnesses to the vaccination compote without through review of the antagonizing and competing toxic materials used in the preparation? Is it just assumed to be safe until proven otherwise?

Radiation, airborne toxins and carcinogenic radon levels trapped in our homes--these are caused from uranium that has been released due to fracking. How many are aware that they are living and breathing in toxins while they sleep?

Our only defence is awareness and prevention by means of organic food; clean water and air; and professionally produced, therapeutic natural medicine. Life Choice is here to help.

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