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Lyme Disease: Enjoy The Outdoors But Be Informed

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Lyme Disease
Last year, CTV reported that Lyme disease is now 10 times more common in the US than previously reported. Lyme Disease is becoming an increasing threat in Canada, as well. Tick bites are becoming more frequent, but don’t fear the outdoors for the risk of developing a tick bite. Precaution and inspection are the key. If in the woods, inspect your clothes for any insects and inspect your body for any possible bites. Also, check your animals.

The treatment for tick bites caught near the time of biting is to apply a mixture of Epson salts and Colloidal Sliver mixed with DMSO. Apply this as a poultice over the infected wound and let this solution kill the tick. The problem with trying to dig out the tick is it breaking apart beneath the skin's surface, causing infection and inflammation, as well as allowing added time for the toxin to enter the blood stream.

The severity and length of time the disease has taken hold depend on the treatment modality. Probiotics help to reestablish the intestinal flora with the proper balance of bacterial culture. Because Lyme disease is associated with chronic fatigue, the best solution is Adrenal gland. Parasites are also generally associated with Lyme Disease. A helpful treatment is to take a quality brand Oil of Oregano: mix 3 drops in water, along with 15 drops of Black Walnut tincture, with 15 drops of Worm Wood. This mix should be taken 3 times per day.

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