Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life Choice's Neurotransmitter Support: Receives Another Endorsement

Life Choice's Neurotransmitter Support:
Receives Yet Another Customer Endorsement

(Calgary, AB)  - On March 15, 2014 we published a post titled Alzheimer's And Dementia: Life Choice's Neurotransmitter Support Helps Your Memory Stay Healthy And Fit: Receives Customer Endorsements.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have received an additional customer endorsement that we would like to share with you regarding this amazing product!

Customer endorsement letter

Dear Dr. Dahl,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful product.

My own personal experience on taking this very interesting supplement was both an improved mental clarity and focused, coupled with an apparent increase in mental energy. I found that the mentally slower time of day - in the mid afternoon - that I was becoming accustom to was removed, and I could concentrate on my work and writing with good results through a full day.

I stayed to the recommended dose, and found my productivity and sense of good worth was improved.

I look forward to continuing with this support.

Best regards,
Dr. Fred H.

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