Friday, March 14, 2014

Newsletter 4.7: Alzheimer's Disease Rates May Equal That Of Heart Disease And Cancer

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On Wednesday, CTV reported that as far as contributing to death, Alzheimer's disease may be in the ranks of heart disease and cancer. In fact, actual death rates related to Alzheimer's may be almost six times more than originally recorded. The reason is that death certificates only report the immediate cause of death (for instance, pneumonia). They do not record underlying causes. However, if someone's immune system is already compromised with Alzheimer's, fighting off pneumonia is much more difficult. Taking all of the underlying factors into consideration changes the final picture quite a bit.

Taking Life Choice products such as Memory Support and Neurotransmitter Support can help with cognitive function. For more information on this global crisis, please see Newsletter 3.3 and Newsletter 3.6.

Recently, we received an update from Nick Mancuso, who had previously reported great success with our Neurotransmitter Support.

"The NS has made a tremendous difference in my memory, concentration, and focus. [I] wasn't even aware of the dimming down of the mind until I started taking NS. [I] haven't burnt the espresso pot since . . . [to have had] all the other memory lapses . . . become a part of my life--WITHOUT EVEN BEING AWARE OF IT--is truly horrendous. I’m starting to see it in others, family and friends: lapses and confusion of thought. Dr. Dahl, I think you are right; it is becoming a strange, unrecognized epidemic, like the pain epidemic that seems now to be everywhere. This is my take on the reasons why . . . It is clear that pesticides, herbicides, household poisons, hormones, GMOs, and radiation--and don’t forget Chemtrails--are affecting all of us.

The great news is that NS was developed with these results in mind. I believe that once the public’s eyes are open to this enlightenment, all things viewed will become completely different. Just like express in the movie The Matrix, the cloak of deception is massive, and if the public knew the truth, they would be rallying in the street."
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