Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DMSO And Sweet Relief Cream: A Natural Alternative To Ibuprofen And Other OTC And Prescription Painkillers

DMSO And Sweet Relief Cream: A Natural Alternative To Ibuprofen And Other OTC And Prescription Painkillers

(Calgary, AB)  We all suffer from aches and pains. Whether it is a minor muscle strain or something more severe, like an auto immune disorder that causes severe joint pain, we have all felt natures wrath.

Headaches, backaches, muscle cramps and soreness, are all fact of life. For many sufferers, over the counter or prescription drugs that contain Ibuprofen is their answer to help relieve the pain.

In the March 24th, 2014 edition of PreventDisease.com an article was written titled "9 Natural Alternatives To Ibuprofen and NSAIDs With No Side Effects". In that article, the author presented 9 natural health products that could be used as an alternative to Ibuprofen to relieve inflammation and pain with no negative side effects. 

In the same article, the author singled out Life Choice's DMSO and Sweet Relief Cream as 2 of the natural alternatives to Ibuprofen. 

"DMSO and Sweet Relief cream combined is a completely natural way to deal with chronic pain. DMSO has many uses, but it is known mostly as a natural pain killer and transporter. First synthesized in 1866, DMSO is a sulfur-containing organic compound that is derived from MSM, and can be used internally or externally. DMSO can aid injuries such as sprained ankles, sore muscles and joints, and even fractures. It is very effective in treating joint pain when combined with capsaicin which dramatically increases effectiveness."

When asked to comment on the article, Life Choice CEO, Dr. Eldon Dahl (ND said "It's nice to get the recogntion that our products deserve." He continued, "when fighting pain, we should not forget Life Choice's  DLPA and SAMeSAMe is great for treating migraine headaches. DLPA is a great natural remedy for treating whiplash, arthritis, lower back pain and muscle cramps".

He concluded his remarks by saying " it's important for the consumer to understand that they have a choice when it comes to treating their pain. It's also important for them to understand that when they make their decision on which product to use; especially when it comes to natural health products, that they understand that not all natural health products have the same therapeutic value."


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