Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Arthritis: Life Choice's DMSO And Sweet Relief Cream Receive High Praise

Arthritis: Life Choice's DMSO And Sweet Relief Cream Receive High Praise

(Calgary, AB) On March 4, 2014 an article appeared in PreventDisease.com titled 4 Diseases Few Are Aware Can Be Reversed Naturally Without Drugs (Marcos Torres). The article went on to explain how 4 diseases: arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and cancer could be treated successfully with the use of natural health products.  

In one segment, the author went on to explain how two natural health products; DMSO and capsaicin  could be used to help treat arthritis.  Interesting, the author "singled out" the Life Choice brand and 2 Life Choice productsDMSO and Sweet Relief Cream (with capsaicin and eucalyptus) when he discussed the effectiveness of natural health products and the treatment of arthritis.

Why? Because those who are familiar with natural health products and the Life Choice brand, understand that Life Choice products are synonymous with high quality.They, much like the author of the article, understand that all Life Choice products possess high therapeutic value and that Dr. Eldon Dahl, a trained naturopath and the owner and founder of Life Choice, does not compromise on quality nor does he compromise on the purity of of the raw materials that go into each and every Life Choice product.

For those who are familiar with the industry, they acknowledge that there are other natural health products in the marketplace that are less expensive than the Life Choice brand, but they also realize that these products possess no therapeutic value; and in the end, quite simply, do not work!

As Dr. Dahl has stated on more than one occasion " I would rather retire from the industry than compromise on quality."

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