Monday, February 3, 2014

University Study: Kava May Prevent Smoking Induced Lung Cancer

University Study: Kava
May Prevent Smoking Induced Lung Cancer 

(Calgary, AB) - A recent article titled " Health Beat - U Study Shows Kava May Prevent Smoking Induced Lung Cancer [Star Tribune, January 11, 2014]  "suggest that an extract made from kava root suppresses the growth of tumours in mice."

The article  focused on a study undertaken at the University of Minnesota and published in the journal of Cancer Prevention Research.

Following the trend of previous research, this study showed an inverse correlation between kava consumption in Fiji and Western Somoa, two islands that have high tobacco [and kava] use but low lung cancer rates; indicating that kava extracts might be blocking tumor growth.

The study also went on to say that their own kava extract did not harm the liver. This was an important finding given the plants recent history with the European [and U.S.] heath authorities.

As the study suggest, this research is important. Why? because "in the United States smoking greatly increases the chances of developing lung cancer. It results in 150,000 deaths and 160,000 new cases a year."
When asked to comment on this article, Life Choice CEO and naturopath Dr. Eldon Dahl said " This is a very powerful study; taking kava kava as a preventative means for preventing the formation of 99 percent of tumor formations". He continued, "the fact that this unprecedented level of tumor prevention was coupled with the finding that some mice developed no tumors at all, definitely calls for more research into kava's future potential to reduce  [lung] cancer rates."

(Dr. Dahl's article)  Keep Calm And Carry On With Kava Kava


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