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Newsletter 4.1:Life Choice offers a natural solution to replace “Smart Drugs” and without side effects. By natural design, increased brain activity.

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Researchers have discovered that more and more students are turning to "smart drugs" to enhance their performance in school. Popular choices include Modafinil, originally developed for the treatment of narcolepsy; and Ritalin, originally developed for the treatment of ADHD. Students are now using these drugs to increase wakefulness in the hopes of improving test scores. Barbara Sahakian of Cambridge's psychiatry department, stated that the growing popularity of using drugs for performance has "enormous implications" and that universities should act on this growing trend. Both the physical implications and psychological implications of pills for performance are scary. Because these prescriptions are still relatively new, their long-term safety has yet to be established; also, as students are taking them without first consulting a physician, the students are endangering themselves, even if they do not have a pre-existing condition. The mindset that a prescription pill can serve as a coping mechanism is also an unhealthy pattern. (Full article here.)

It is very sad how we’ve evolved. Student in desperation for good grades to enter good schools for the slight advantage over other students. Some may call this doping, but I call it reckless. Each drug has at least 200 known side effects and for what? Pressing the mind to do more than it is intended with the capacity we are given? The ease you attain today will cost you tomorrow. Gains made with drugs are short-lived.

Our bodies respond best to natural means. The expression "you are what you eat" is not true--you are what you absorb into your cells. Drugs don’t absorb, the receptor sites do not open. You can trick them to respond, but in doing so you absorb residual effects with side effects. Absorption is providing the correct nutrients in the proper amounts in the manner the cells were created to receive. In other words, absorption is synonymous with natural design; drug design is not nature's design.

For a healthier way to gain a mental edge, try Life Choice products like Tyrosine and DMAE. Here is a student's testimonial about her experience with these products:

My name is Kinga Hegedűs and I’m a student at the University of Szeged in Hungary. I’m studying Biology and my wish is to become a scientist. This is the path I’ve chosen and I know that it won’t be easy. It’s a hard and stressful path. But I have to fight for my dream. In this fight Life Choice products are helping me a lot. As a biology student it is important for me what kind of products I’m using to keep myself fit and calm during exams. I prefer natural products. I chose Life Choice because of the natural origin and the free form of the molecules they offer. I’ve learned and read about these compounds. I know them. I’m happy that we can use nature’s gifts. They are safe, no side effects or dependence. This is what our body needs. I personally use two products: L-Tyrosine and DMAE. When I have to study a lot and the time is short, or on the exam day, when I must be fit, I take DMAE. I know that DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol bitartate) is a precursor to acetyl-choline, our key neurotransmitter, and that means that my brain is working better when I take it. But my biggest problem is stress. Under stress I can’t do anything, I can’t study or remember the stuff I learned and I have a horrible belly-ache. Thanks to Life Choice’s L-Tyrosine it’s a thing of the past. Without these products I can’t imagine how my university years would be. Terrible and more difficult, I think. Sometimes when I learn a lot, I just can’t sleep. I solve this problem with Life Choice’s Melatonin. I know that this product is good for my body too, because it’s a hormone that’s part of the normal human sleep-wake cycle. I’m very thankful to the Life Choice Company for taking care of our health!

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