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Newsletter 3.1: Our World Is Broken And In Need Of Repair

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Our world is broken and in dire need of repair, and humanity’s created toxicity is starting to show its effects in our declining health and well-being. Preventative decisions made today can completely change how we live out our final years, but this change must be done from power rather than need.

Society functions on the premise that the system--even with its flaws--is functioning just fine, as long as our daily needs are met. The blanket of disguise and deception keeps getting pulled over our eyes, and those doing the pulling get richer by the day, skimming profits straight from the top without accountability. Politicians are unreliable; in fact, their frivolity takes up most of the national news, and is almost set as a staged diversion from critical issues like the continued radiation toxicity being leaked by Fukushima.

The combined contaminants from pollution and low-dose radiation are beginning to show in our declining state of health. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 5 Americans now suffer from some form of mental illness. An estimated 5.2 million have Alzheimer’s disease, with a new case discovered every 68 seconds. By 2050, that rate is estimated to be 1 every 33 seconds. In care homes, it is estimated that 42% have Alzheimer’s or dementia, and it is the 5th leading cause of death for those 65 years and older. In 2011, diabetes affected 25.8 million Americans or 8.3% of the population. Currently, 1 in 3 Americans--33% of the country’s population--is living in chronic pain. In Canada, the rate is 1 in 5, which is 20% of the population. The ratio of children suffering from autism is 1 in 888; this is a 23% increase since 2009, and according to my research, this is a clear connection to the side effects from vaccinations.

If we examine history, we discover that these diseases only appeared in the last few decades. Many of the main diseases we have today were previously unknown on a large-scale: diabetes, hypertension, breast and prostate cancer, and clinical depression are some of these. One in ten is estimated as having depression; not very long ago, this was simply unheard of. Are these new epidemics evolving into the thread of humanity on their own, or have we created them as a society? I am under the persuasion that collectively, it is of our own doing. We are living lifestyles today that no human being has lived before. If you look into the world’s petri dish of toxins, America would be the epicenter for the most disturbance. Let’s take a look and discover why.

Average Western diets are full of empty toxic calories that steam from hormone-saturated animal fats, refined sugars, and packaged processed foods void of nutrients. Our bellies become full, but in fact our bodies are starving and so are our minds. This empty sustenance becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of disease. Aging has now become an ugly word for its association with sickness, dependency, and the loneliness of being placed in a retirement home. Why have we allowed ourselves to be victims? Have we lost our perspective, embracing the fear of the unknown instead of changing things while we can?

First we have to start making changes in the basics, like our selection of food. Has it been processed, refined, and filled with negative-producing properties, such as saturated fats? A better choice would be to limit salt intake and non-GMO food, as well as refined sugars, which are the drug of choice.

There is a disease connection linked to diet, lifestyle and a positive mental approach. Like stepping stones, failure in these areas escalates from high blood pressure to high glucose, to increased need for insulin, to insulin resistance, to diabetes and mental illness.
We all know how to read sign posts for warnings, and the signs are very clear today. We all have choices in life; the question is what choice do we make at the time of decision?

Here are some tips to get started on these changes: you must become a label reader—learn the difference between refined sugars and natural organic cane sugar; regular honey and pure maple syrup; and processed GMO foods and non-GMO or organic. Drink plenty of pure water. Start your day with a squeezed lemon in water before breakfast. Also consider the amount of food consumed per meal: do you eat like a wood cutter, then sit behind a desk for 8 hours? Leave the table when you could still eat more. Begin to exercise; start small, but just start. And watch for hidden dangers like aluminum in baking powder, deodorant, and cooking supplies. Also beware of radiation toxicity: throw out the microwave, and get a toaster oven.

Aging can be a wonderful blessing; plan on healthy aging by being proactive and preventative. When you are the only benefactor, a healthy lifestyle is the best life insurance policy that you can ever contribute to. Isn’t it time you start contributing now?
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