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Newsletter 2.9: A Healthy Stomach Is More Than Just Good Intestinal Health

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A healthy gut has always been important. However, our friends at Prevent Disease have been reporting on new research that is showing a healthy gut may be connected to more than just intestinal health.

In one study, 200 college students who had colds were given a blend of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) and Bifidobacterium animalis ssp lactis (BB-12). The students received 1 billion CFUs of each strain. The study group's colds lasted for only 4 days, compared to 6 days in the placebo group.

Another study found that excess of a specific bacteria, called P. copri, is linked to the onset of rheumatoid arthritis. P. copri overgrowth not only accompanies rheumatoid arthritis, but also lessens the amount of beneficial bacteria (Bacteroides) that could fight it. Interestingly, P. copri was higher in newly-diagnosed individuals than it was in those who were healthy or were on medication.

Researchers intend to investigate this connection further. As Dr. Jose U. Scher, one of the study's authors, stated, "It could be that certain treatments help stabilize the balance of bacteria in the gut, or it could be that certain gut bacteria favor inflammation."

In another study, mice fed the bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus showed fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Research has also recently identified glutenin and gliadin proteins as responsible for the inflammation related to gluten-related intestinal disorders. In healthy guts, probiotics will break down these proteins into a usable state for the body. If the gut does not have enough healthy intestinal bacteria, the resulting inflammation causes gaps in the intestinal walls, which enable gliadin to directly enter the bloodstream, causing even more inflammation.

Because bacteria form a protective barrier against foreign bacteria that may enter, more bacteria is better! A Cophenhagen study also found that infants who did not have a diverse group of gut bacteria were more likely to suffer from allergies.

As you can see, a healthy gut benefits the whole body! Choose our Laktokhan probiotic to bring the best bacteria to your customers!

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