Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Newsletter 2.7: Fight Radiation Poisoning With Life Choice's Thryroid Gland


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Thyroid Gland

The Life Choice Thyroid Gland is the Alive feature for November!

Life Choice is now returning to our previous up-front Alive discount. We are happy to pass the savings on to our wholesale customers, but we ask that you all would pass the savings on to your retail customers, as well.

Learn more about our Desiccated Thyroid Gland here

Also, don't forget the Neurotransmitter Support coupon expires Nov 30!

New AB Sales Rep!

We are pleased to announce we have a new southern Alberta sales rep who has started today!

Her name is Randah Arena, and she can be reached either by phone or e-mail:

Phone: (587) 894-3111

If you are located in Calgary or south of Calgary, Randah will be your Life Choice rep!

Please feel free to get in touch with her soon!

No place in this world is isolated from the effects of radiation. Even for us in Canada, Japan’s crisis is relevant, considering the jet streams and water currents. With the radiation that bombards us daily from pollution, cellular phones, computers, TV's, microwaves, air travel, and medical testing, our master gland, the thyroid gland, depletes its ability to function properly by weakening the levels of naturally produced thyroxin.

Recently, it was discovered that Health Canada has manipulated a supposedly independent safety review of radiation from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi and smart meters. Canadians are becoming ill from these things, and the former president of Microsoft Canada is expected to testify.

As it is, 70% + of our population suffer from inadequately functioning thyroid, and the need for support has never been greater. Also radiation affects our cognitive ability; the first sign is forgetfulness, followed by disturbed sleep disorders, and it is not a strange coincidence whatsoever that forgetfulness and dementia are on the increase, and it its beginning to affect our youth and not only our seniors.

We have seen these serious health issues building for over many years and to help offset our declining health we have formulated and licensed natural medicines to remedy this bombardment to health. We recently received an NPN for Thyroid Gland (desiccated raw tissue), and we are proud to say that this long-missed product is in stock and legally available to Canadians. Our glands are sourced from New Zealand bovine: this is the mecca for the purest most natural beef on the planet. Our glands are extracted from grass-fed and hormone-free cattle. BSE and TSE’s do not occur in New Zealand--a national surveillance program is in place to provide TSE monitoring. The feeding of ruminant protein (except milk) to ruminants is prohibited in New Zealand.

Also, the glands are processed in an establishment operating in accordance with New Zealand law. The glands are considered free of all diseases of concern to the OIE, relevant to the trade in these products.

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