Monday, October 14, 2013

Newsletter 2.4: Dr. Dahl To Speak At The C.C.N.M.; Neurotransmitter Support: Natural Standard Data Base

The latest news from Life Choice!

Neurotransmitter Support

The Life Choice Neurotransmitter Support is the Alive coupon special for October-November!
Customers can get $3 off a unit. Learn more about Neurotransmitter Support here.

Also, don't forget the Lean Team coupon expires Oct 31!

Finally, just as a reminder, Opti-Cal/Mag with K2 coupons can be sent in now for credit.

Dr. Dahl will be speaking at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto on October 22nd at 5:30 p.m. The lecture will be in Classroom #5, and he will be talking about the Pain Management Protocol. The event is free, and anyone is welcome to attend. Map to the school here:

Life Choice is a partner with The Natural Standard database! The Natural Standard Database is well-known as a reliable source for medical research, and is used by sites such as the Mayo Clinic and Livestrong. Now, anyone who visits the Life Choice™ website ( will also have free personal access to this information.

This Natural Standard Research Centre comes in 5 sections: Herb & Supplement Database, Medical Conditions, Interactions, Herb & Supplement-Nutrient Depletions, and Drug-Nutrient Depletions.

The Herb & Supplement Database enables users to look up any herb or supplement. Life Choice™ encourages customers to feel free to research not just their line’s ingredients, but any ingredients.

The Medical Conditions section is also useful. Here, customers can look up medical conditions and the database will show natural therapies that have been associated with treatment of that ailment. The therapies are “graded” much like a school system, with “A” representing strong scientific evidence, and “F” representing strong negative scientific evidence.

The Interactions portion provides information on agents that will interact with certain herbs and supplements. For further information on specific interactions, click on the agent and a box will appear with a brief description.

For the Herb & Supplement-Nutrient Depletions, click on the supplement to be researched, and the database will show which other nutrients in the body may be depleted by taking that supplement.

Likewise, the Drug-Nutrient Depletions works the same way as the Herb & Supplement-Nutrient Depletions section, except customers search by drug type to find which nutrients may be depleted.

If you have not checked out this research feature on our homepage, we would encourage you to try it today!

Dr. Dahl's radio show was a great success; however, because the audio wasn't as clear as the producers would have preferred, the show will be re-recorded and re-broadcast at the end of October. Stay tuned for more info!

If you would like to listen to last weekend's show, you can listen here:

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