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Life Choice's Melatonin: A High Quality Natural Supplement That Does Much More Than Just Help You Sleep Better

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October 7, 2013
Life Choice's Melatonin: A High Quality Natural Supplement
That Does Much More Than Just Help You Sleep Better

(Calgary, AB) Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal body in the brain. Melatonin levels fluctuate throughout the day and gradually increase at night. This cycle ensures that most living things are at rest during darkness. Melatonin is also manufactured synthetically and can be administered in tablet form.

Melatonin has been proposed to improve sleep quality, regulate circadian rhythms, assist the immune system in fighting infection, reduce the risk of heart disease and impact longevity. Proponents claim melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and has been found in high concentrations in the nuclei of cells, where it may serve to protect DNA from damage and mutation that can lead to cancer.

A recent article in written by Dave Mihalovic explains in great detail the many benefits of Melatonin.The article suggest that Melatonin can control everything from our "sleep/wake cycles to our reproduction, weight, mood and even strong anti-aging and anti-tumor effects."

A subsequent article in the Huffington Post also outlined the many benefits of Melatonin. They too, touted "the anti-aging benefits and well as its ability to encourage sleep, reducing PMS and migraines to slimming waistlines and boosting thyroid."

Life Choice's Melatonin is one of the highest grade Melatonin's on the market today! Why? because not unlike their other natural supplements, Life Choice uses the purest source of melatonin in the world. They use only 100% DMF (drug master file) patented pharmaceutical grade raw material: paying 700% more for their raw material than can be purchased without a patent. Why? The reasons are twofold: first, the material is clinically researcehd and secondly, the quality is consistenly high with each order. Small batch manufacturing and the selction of raw materials create the difference you body will notice.



Life Choice is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of natural supplements and vitamins. Life Choice only manufacturers and offers the highest quality products to markets in Canada, The United States and The European Union.

Ask your medical practitioner, naturopath physician, or health food store manager for products carrying the Life Choice label. Or better yet, please visit our website and check out our products for yourself


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