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Newsletter 1.7: Setting The Record Straight: Dr Oz's Recommendations and Bioavailability to the Cells

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Opti-Cal/Mag Complex
with Vitamin K2

New Coupon Coming Next Week!
Since the coupon for Opti-Cal/Mag with K2 does not expire until September 30, this is not the last week of that product's promotion.

However, starting next week, the September/October coupon for our Lean Team will also take effect. This means you will have 2 Life Choice discount opportunities that you can pass along to your customers during the month of September!

We would encourage all of our customers to use these coupons as incentives to introduce your customers either to the Life Choice line, or to a Life Choice product they may not have considered otherwise.

If you would like coupons, please contact Head Office (contact information is below), and we will be more than happy to send them to you!
More info on Opti-Cal/Mag with K2 here.

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Unfortunately, our association with AB Rep Rayman Joshi has come to an end. In the meantime, please phone, e-mail, or fax your orders into head office (contact info at the bottom of the newsletter).

Old Favourites Return!

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently received a NPN license for the following products:
We are trying to bring these products in as soon as possible! We will keep you posted with updates!

Setting the Record Straight: Dr. Oz's Recommendations and Bioavailability to the Cells

Dr. Oz has been discussing amino acids lately, which means that our customers are hearing more inquiries from their customers about this important aspect of health. Dr. Oz is promoting the daily intake of four amino acids in particular, and is emphasizing the convenience of their availability in a single pill form. (See his recommendation below)

Dr Oz Amino Acids GOAL: Four Essential Amino Acids
  • GGlycine – Glycine helps build muscle and allows you to store more energy and promotes better sleep.
  • OOrnithine – Ornithine contributes energy to the body.
  • AArginine – Arginine helps you build up energy because it regulates your blood pressure so your heart doesn’t have to work so hard. It also might help metabolize fat, which is always a good thing.
  • LLysine – Lysine turns fatty foods you eat into energy.

To be sure, all of these amino acids are important and are good for you. However, if they are all taken together at once, they can actually cancel each other out. When it comes to absorption, L-Lysine cancels the effects of L-Arginine and L-Ornithine.

To quote Dr. Eric Braverman in his book, The Healing Nutrients Within:

"In both diet and supplement forms, lysine's primary antagonist is the amino acid arginine. Both lysine and arginine compete for transport through the intestinal wall and have various chemical properties that can make them antagonistic. An excess of arginine antagonizes lysine; therefore, if using L-lysine therapeutically, it is best to avoid foods high in arginine such as carob, chocolate, coconut, dairy products, gelatin, meat, oats, peanuts, soybeans, walnuts, white flour, wheat, and wheat germ. Ornithine may also lead to the depletion of lysine. Likewise, lysine, and possibly ornithine, can inhibit arginine metabolism and absorption." (p. 263)

Although the ability to take all four of these amino acids at once would be convenient, it unfortunately would not be therapeutic, which is why such a combination "GOAL" formulation will never be found in the Life Choice line.

Of course, this does not mean that upping your intake of these particular amino acids is impossible--just be sure to take them at least 8 hours apart.

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