Friday, August 23, 2013

Newsletter 1.6: Improve your memory, reduce stress and improve your sleep


Opti-Cal/Mag Complex
with Vitamin K2

Featured Alive ads will now come with a coupon for a cash discount. Our wholesale customers can give the discount to their customers at the retail level through the coupon (the cash discount is roughly equivalent to the up front percentage discount we provided before). After the current coupon expires, submit the coupons you have collected throughout the months of August/September, and Life Choice will issue a credit for that dollar amount toward your next order.

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Coupon expires Sept. 30, 2013.
More info on Opti-Cal/Mag with K2 here.
August is almost over, which means it's almost time for a new school year to start. Life Choice has you covered with products to help your brain clear out the summer fog!

Memory Support: In 2002, the University of California, Berkeley; and Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute teamed up to do research on Acetyl-L-carnitine combined with alpha-lipoic acid. In their study, rats were fed a combination of these two supplements for over a month, which resulted in them having a better memory and more energy. Amazingly, their brain chemistry actually improved. Dr. Bruce N. Ames of UC Berkeley noted that all the characteristics they looked at seemed more like a younger animal after supplementation. UC Berkeley was so impressed with the findings that they patented the combo for cell rejuvenation. The researchers founded a company to further their research and, at the time of the publication, were engaged in human clinical trials.

L-Tyrosine: The students' edge… did you know that when taking Life Choice L-Tyrosine one hour prior to writing an examination, stress due to anxiety is drastically reduced and the ability to better focus is increased? As Livestrong reports, tyrosine is responsible for the production of the brain neurotransmitters norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine. Norepinephrine enables concentration. Epinephrine is better known as adrenaline; it provides extra blood to the brain and muscles, which also produces energy, especially in times of stress. Dopamine provides the mental tools needed to deal with daily stresses. As any student could testify, all 3 of these neurotransmitters come into play when studying!

GABA: GABA is found throughout the central nervous system (CNS), assuming an ever-enlarging role as a significant influence for pain, stress, anxiety, depression as well as stress-induced illness. Before January 1995, there were over 2000 documents and texts on GABA, describing how it affects anxiety/stress in the brain and CNS.

Neurotransmitter Support (coming soon): An updated version of our popular Neurological Support formula, Neurotransmitter Support is a feast for brains in need of restoration, providing the optimum combination to facilitate the transport of vital nutrients into brain cells, and assist in re-establishment of neuronal function. And it’s a healthy snack for an aging brain, as well, giving it all the essentials necessary to support our mood, memory, and cognitive abilities, which tend to slow down as the years pass by.

Liquid Melatonin: Having trouble adjusting to the new fall sleep schedule? Try our Melatonin! Melatonin is non-addictive, and does not cause nightmares, and therefore is considered to be an ideal sleep-inducing aid. Life Choice uses the purest source of Melatonin in the world. Sweet Dreams Liquid Melatonin gives you the option of taking a pleasant, minty-fresh liquid instead of capsules, with the same effectiveness and superior ingredients.

Colloidal Silver: Are you getting nervous because everyone around you is sick? Colloidal Silver to the rescue! Available in either a long-lasting 250 ml or a highly portable 50 ml size, this is the perfect product to keep germs at bay. Colloidal Silver Homeopathic Oral Spray combines two technologies to deliver the effective anti-bacterial qualities of silver ions in a safe, easy-to-take spray mist. Plus, because the product is homeopathic, it works gently with your body.
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