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Canadian Naturopath Forming A Committee: Seeks Equality Between Natural Health Products And Prescription Drugs

Press Release
For Immediate Release
August 23, 2013

Canadian Naturopath Forming A Committee: Seeks Equality Between Natural
Health Products And Prescription Drugs In Medical Examination Rooms

(Calgary, AB) Dr. Eldon Dahl (ND) a naturopath doctor and the CEO of Life Choice, with over 25 years experience in the natural health industry, is forming a committee of health professionals to change the way that medical doctors are excluded from offering natural health products to their patients.

When questioned about his intentions Dr. Dahl stated, “As NPN products are licensed under the Food and Drug Act and in a sub class division of drugs, I am forming a committee with the agenda of lobbying the government both provincial and federal in order to amend the way medical doctors are excluded from offering natural health products.

NPN products have medicinal claims backed by scientific studies and evidence and endorsed by Health Canada, they should be offered as a cross over treatment modality and be included as an alternative to prescription drugs. Medical doctors are pressing for products that are not associated with serious life threatening side effects.”

Recently, CTV News (Canada) aired a segment where U.S. doctors admitted that pain medication is killing their patients unnecessarily due to over dosing. The report also shows the frustration MD’s are facing from recognizing the side effects from the drugs they prescribe.


From the Health Canada website:

The level of evidence required to demonstrate safety remains the same, and products will continue to be labeled with required cautionary statements, e.g. potential adverse reactions and interactions with other products; warnings for certain populations like pregnant women; duration of use; etc.

Health Canada will also continue to focus its post-market activities for NHPs on situations that pose risks to the health and safety of Canadians, e.g., poor manufacturing, adulteration (e.g. addition of prescription and non-prescription drugs to NHPs), or products making claims not substantiated by evidence.

The regulatory requirement for a company to submit reports of serious adverse reactions will not change, and we will also continue to collect, track, and analyze adverse reactions to NHPs through the Canada Vigilance Program. When analysis of this adverse reaction information shows that there is a need to take action to protect the health and safety of Canadians, Health Canada can take a range of steps such as changes to product labeling, distribution of information to consumers and health professionals, and, in more serious cases, removal of a product from the market.


As a final comment Dr. Dahl stated, "Because Health Canada will be continually monitoring the safety of NHPs like they monitor prescription drugs, what is the risk of also prescribing them in like fashion?

Compounding pharmacies and ND’s could easily adjust to this prescription style, and from what the stats indicate, with the right training, it seems like MD’s would also be open to the idea."


For more information/interview request
James Woewoda, Dir. Media Relations
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USA Today (June 2013): Drug Overdose Deaths Spike Among Middle Aged Women


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