In the United States, a 2006 survey conducted on behalf of  "The American Academy Of Pain Medicine:" concluded that more than half of the respondents (51%) felt they had little or not control over their pain; six out of ten patients (60%) said they experience breakthrough pain one or more times daily ( this had a direct effect on their quality of life and well-being).

In the same 2006 survey, when questioned about the "impact the pain had on their quality of life:" almost two-thirds (59%) reported an impact on their overall enjoyment of life; more than three quarters of patients (77%) reported feeling depressed; 70% said they have trouble concentrating; 74% said their energy level is impacted by their pain; 86% reported an inability to sleep well.

For chronic pain suffers in Canada and the United States, the question that has to be asked is "how do you manage your pain?" "how do you deal with it?"
For many, the answer is prescription painkillers, yet, in previous posts on this site, we have provided information that shows the dangers of prescription painkillers ( pharmaceutical drugs) and the serious side effects that they can cause.

At Life Choice, we have provided information, evidence, and testimonials (in previous posts) that demonstrates, both, the therapeutic and medicinal value of high quality natural supplements.
In previous posts, we have demonstrated how Life Choice's  "pain management program" is a superior alternative to allopathic medicines (prescription painkillers, pharmaceutical drugs).

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