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Life Choice's DMSO: An Excellent Natural Pain Relief Remedy Without The Negative Side Effects

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July 29, 2013

Life Choice's DMSO: An Excellent Natural Pain Relief Remedy Without The Negative Side Effects

(Calgary, AB) -  In the province of Ontario, a recent study concluded that between 300 to 400 people die per year because of a direct result of prescription painkillers. An other study reported a substantial increase of drug overdoes deaths among middle aged woman.

In the United States, a country that has 5% of the worlds populations, is now at a period in its history, where it  consumes 80% of the worlds pharmaceutical drugs. As a result of this increase, and as a direct result of the many serious side effects that occur with prescription painkillers, it is no wonder that prescripton drug deaths in the U.S. now exceed that of traffic fatalities.

What is distributing about these statistics and these trends, is that they are unnecessary and need not occur. Why? because there is a safe and effective alternative called natural health products.

Life Choice is the leader in Canada when it comes to producing high quality, therapeutic and medicinal natural supplements. The therapeutic value of their pain management program, for example, is second to none. Take for example, their DMSO, it is a Life Choice product that has been getting rave reviews from satisfied customers.


Testimonial 1

Dear Life Choice

In October of 2011 I had an accident which resulted in a level 5 acromioclavicular joint separation. It was not until April 26, 2013 that I was able to have reconstruction of my right AC joint, using a donor tendon graft from my right leg.  This surgery failed, causing a discontinuation of that graft. I am presently waiting for a second surgery.  During the time after my accident and following my surgery I was in extreme pain.  I was on everything from Tylenol #2 to Oxycontin, which resulted in taking away only a minimal amount of pain,  causing dizziness, insomnia, severe nausea, constipation, difficulty with concentration, and a general sense of malaise. 

It was not until a wedding in July of this year that a family member used some of their own DMSO Gel and Sweet Relief Cream on me, that I started to have some relief of these severe sharp pains that I had been experiencing.  As she continued to use this on me on a regular basis during our trip, it became more and more effective for me and I realized that I did not need the narcotics that I was using to take away the pain.  The symptoms that I had experienced while using the narcotics had completely disappeared.  I felt more alert and alive with a greater sense of well being and my pain was under control.

The moment I returned home I ordered some of your DMSO Gel and Sweet Relief Cream.  Until it had arrived the same pain had  returned.  I remembered the day your products arrived, it really was a "Sweet Relief" as I put on the products knowing that it would work in moments and last for many hours.

Thank you, for making me feel well again…
Dorothea D.
Surrey, BC
Testimonial 2

Dear Life Choice,

I really appreciate your newsletters. I have to tell you yesterday was a bad day for pain, in fact, I had to stop what I was doing and go home. The very minute I arrived home, your parcel was arriving. I immediately opened the box and applied the DMSO/sweet relief and within 15 minutes I felt the pain start to dissipate. I am so happy both of you introduced me to this.

Thank you,

When asked to comment on these developments, Life Choice, CEO Dr. Eldon Dahl (ND) stated: "These trends are disturbing and there is no need for them. What is equally frustrating is that when people take these prescription pain killers, they are polluting their body for the short term fix but do not realize the long term damages that they are causing their body." He continued, "pain killers lead to sleep deprivated and the combination of both, leads to anxiety and depression and each condition has its own medication that can cause serious health side effects."

Life Choice is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of natural supplements and vitamins. Life Choice only manufacturers and offers the highest quality products to markets in Canada, The United States and The European Union.

Ask your medical practitioner, naturopath physician, or health food store manager for products carrying the Life Choice label. Or better yet, please visit our website and check out our products for yourself

The Life Choice Brand Of Natural Supplements
"Professional, Therapeutic Medicine".



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