Sunday, July 14, 2013

Drug Overdose Deaths Has Increased Among Middle Aged Women

A recent article published on July 2, 2013 in "USA Today" titled "Drug Overdose Deaths Spike Among Middle Aged Women", focused on the dramatic increase in deaths due to prescription painkillers. 

When asked to comment on this disturbing trend, Life Choice, CEO, Dr. Eldon Dahl (ND) stated, "For those of us in the health industry, this is not a surprise. The time has come for natural medicine to take its place on an equal footing with prescription drugs. The public needs to finally understand that they are not restricted to this type of endless drug use, when there exists, safe and effective natural alternatives, without the serious side effects."

Naturopathic Doctor Aims To Amend Legislation To Allow Physicians To Include Natural Health Products

He continued, "At Life Choice, we offer a variety of high quality, therapeutic medicines. These natural medicines are the core of our 'pain management' program. They include products such as: SAMe; DLPA; DMSO; Sweet Relief Cream and Opti Cal/Mag Complex with K2. All of these products offer amazing pain management results without any side effects or dependency. All of these products have been government tested, licensed and approved. They are a perfect alternative to allopathic medicines (prescription painkillers).

Hollywood actor Nick Mancuso has stepped forward and has offered his support, not only to the therapeutic and medicinal value of each and every Life Choice product, but also to the natural health industry as whole.

New Regulations Create Equality Between Natural Health Producers and Drug Manufacturers

In a recent video narrative aired on both; You Tube and the website, Mancuso talks openly about: the value of Life Choice products; the state of the natural health industry; and allopathic medicines.

 (Watch) Life Choice Professional, Therapeutic Medicine

His comments fit in very nicely with both; the "USA Today" article and the comments made by Dr. Eldon Dahl.


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