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Naturopath Aims To Amend Legislation To Allow Physicians To Include Natural Health Products

A Canadian Naturopathic Doctor and leader in the natural health industry, Dr. Eldon Dahl is spearheading the formation of a committee with the agenda of lobbying the federal government to change the way medical Doctors are permitted to promote natural health products to treat and restore human health.

Naturopathic Doctor Aims To Amend Legislation To Allow Physicians To Include Natural Health Products

At the same time, Hollywood actor and natural health advocate Nick Mancuso, is spearheading an information drive to inform Canadians about Health Canada's mandate and its relationship to the pharmaceutical and natural health industries.

His latest article appears below for your review.


Nick Mancuso
Health Canada has now licensed food supplements as a subclass of drugs, and,after having received approval by Health Canada, these naturopathic substances are now on an equal footing with drugs. Is it not the responsibility of both physicians and Health Canada to inform the patient of the almost non-existent side effects of this new subclass of drugs, and to give the patient the ability to choose which class of drugs the patient wants to take? By being denied access to this information, why are patients being denied their constitutional rights?

Does this issue have any relevance or bearing whatsoever on the life, health, and well-being of all Canadians?

Health Canada has taken on the responsibility of informing the public of the dangerous side effects of cigarettes, such as the scientifically-proven connection to cancer, strokes, and heart disease. Based on its mandate to protect and guard the health of all Canadians, it follows that it should do the same with all drugs or substances which have a toxic effect on the bodies and minds of its citizens. I, as a patient, would like to know these effects; wouldn’t you, as a patient, want the same information?

Shouldn't warning labels of a similar nature--in bright bold letters, with death-like photos--also be placed on any drug which shows scientifically-established, statistical evidence of causing fatality or additional illness? What's the cutoff point? Will 50 thousand heart attacks linked to a particular drug force the drug off the market?What if such a drug is reissued treating a different condition, as has happened in the past with Thalidomide, which has now been reissued for treating a blood cancer called multiple myeloma; it also causes blood clots.
Who is liable? Is anyone, or do we just stack up the statistics along with the corpses?

Recently, ADD and ADHD drugs have been linked to suicides in 12-year-old boys and to heart attacks in 7-year-olds.This information was exposed by the Toronto Star, which was informed that Health Canada would not release this information because it was proprietary. Legally, doctors are under no obligation to inform Health Canada of any adverse reaction to a drug;they can do so on a voluntary basis. Is this also merely voluntary on the part of a government agency?

If my 7-year-old were prescribed an ADD or ADHD drug with proven fatality, I, as a parent, would want to know.This information should be mandatory and clearly displayed. Health Canada argued that the so-called“benefits” of these ADD and ADHD drugs outweighed the risks, so no more was said of it in the papers.

In what sense is potential fatality a benefit outweighing risk?How is death better than the struggle to concentrate on a math problem? Perhaps Health Canada has telepathic information I know nothing about.

From this point of view,Health Canada has stamped out our citizens’ right to choose by showing clear prejudice against naturopathic and so-called “alternative” remedies. Based upon scant scientific evidence, these remedies have been eliminated from the market in favor of pharmaceutical drugs, evenas the toxic and sometimes fatal side effects have been ignored. Do you and I, as citizens, have the right to question Health Canada's judgments?

Pharmaceutical drugs have been scientifically linked to over 750,000 deaths in North America alone; yet, this incredibly relevant information has been kept away from patients by Health Canada. Recently,Health Canada approved a new kind of blood thinner which can cause uncontrollable and unstoppable internal bleeding.Ads for this drug have been aired on Canadian Television. How is Health Canada fulfilling its mandate to protect the health and well-being of all Canadians when it has recently removed Natokinase, a natural blood thinner used for generations with zero proven fatalities?And, how has the removal of Citronella--forcing Canadians to use Deet, a known carcinogen--in any way benefited the health of Canadians?

By removing Natokinaseand many other naturopathic medicinesfrom the market, Health Canada has shown its hand.Whom is Health Canada protecting? You, or the profits of the major pharmaceutical companies?

We have come to a very serious juncture in patient health care.Do we continue on this pathway of serious side effects or death, or do we pursue a different approach with this new, safe subclass of drugs referred to as natural health products (NPN’s)? Keep in mind that they come with the full blessing of Health Canada, and are supported by clinical evidence and medicinal claims. Finally,for the benefit of their patients, the time has come for all doctors,whether naturopathic or medical,to keep the choice alive for either prescription drugs or safe subclass of drugs called NPN’s.

Get informed.Take action with what has been made available,and tell your doctor and Health Canada that you want your life back and the freedom of choice in healthcare! For me, “I’m for Natural Choice.”


Natural Health Products are a safe and effective alternative to allopathic medicines - and without the side effects. As both articles have stated... "new government regulations now makes it mandatory that all natural health products in Canada must undergo clinical tests and must be licensed by Health Canada.

Given that Health Canada now regulates natural health products like pharmaceutical drugs, isn't it time that as a patient and a consumer, that your medical doctor now gives you the choice between the two alternatives?


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