Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stay Up-To-Date And Informed On Innovative Natural Health Products As They Enter The N.A. Market

Life Choice a leading manufacturer of high quality natural health products is pleased to announce that it has now made it easier for you to follow the introduction of new, exciting and innovative natural health products to the Life Choice family.

The year 2012 was an exciting year for Life Choice with the arrival of many new government approved nutraceuticals, such as Kava Kava, Memory Support and Colloidal Silver.

We anticipate the year 2013 to be equal or even better.

To make it easier for you to follow the introduction of these new products to the Life Choice family, or to help you review government approved and licensed products that are already in our product line, the company is pleased to announce that YOU CAN NOW FOLLOW the Life Choice family of Natural Health Products on PINTEREST

Currently, we are working on our PINTEREST site (titled: Natural Health Products By Life Choice) to include all of the products in our Life Choice family. In the future, we will be adding NEW NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS as they arrive.

Don't Miss Out! Go to our PINTEREST site and follow us today....

As always, if you have any questions or wish to inquire about any of our PRODUCTS, please feel free to visit our website and use the CONTACT form to make any inquires that you may have. Our Life Choice staff will be happy to answer any of your questions.

You can also follow Life Choice on Twitter and Facebook. Just go to the Life Choice website and become a follower or friend of this innovative, high quality nutraceutical manufacturer.


Life Choice is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of natural supplements and vitamins. Life Choice only manufacturers and offers the highest quality products to markets in Canada, The United States and The European Union.

Ask your medical practitioner, naturopath physician, or health food store manager for products carrying the Life Choice label. Or better yet, please visit our website and check out our products for yourself

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