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Canadian Natural Health Products Manufacturer Has The Only Legal Kava Kava In North America

CALGARY - Life Choice supplements of Calgary, Alberta has pioneered the legal reintroduction of Kava Kava supplements (NHP # 80029817) into the North American market. After ten years out of the market, this product’s return was highly embraced by the natural health community.

According to Life Choice President, Dr. Eldon Dahl, “We are the only licensed manufacturer in North America and the EU who can legally sell Kava Kava. This is truly amazing what they thought would never be licensed has been licensed. Perseverance does pay off.”

On June 19, 2012 on Fox News Health with Dr. Manny Alvarez and Chris Kilham, (the Medicine Hunter) both men produced an informative news segment discussing the natural health benefits of Kava Kava to treat anxiety or stress. See The Interview

Kava Kava is best-known as a ceremonial South Pacific beverage. The earliest European knowledge of Kava Kava dates back to the late 1700s, with the journeys of Captain Cook.

Today, usage of Kava Kava beverages in tropical climates is similar to the use of alcoholic beverages in the West. However, the plant from which the beverage is made was found to have useful properties to reduce stress, fatigue, pain, and anxiety.  It was then that Kava Kava supplements became quite popular.

In 2001, the FDA stated that Germany and Switzerland had reported 26 cases of liver toxicity; these were allegedly associated with Kava Kava. Word of the FDA’s investigation spread, and the following year, the governmental health agencies of several countries banned all preparations containing Kava Kava.

Dr. Michael Balic, vice president for botanical science and philology curator of the Institute of Economic Botany at the New York Botanical Garden, told Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter, in an interview for Fox News, that people in the South Pacific have been using it (Kava) for thousands of years as an anti-anxiety tonic. See The Interview ...

Although the U.S. never banned Kava Kava, outright, FDA distrust of the product has lingered because the product’s safety remained unverified. Commenting on the current state of the North American Kava Kava market, Dr. Dahl says, “The U.S allows the over the counter sale for Kava Kava, but considers the product at risk since the safety standards have not yet been implemented. In Canada, the situation is a little different. All preparations containing Kava Kava were prohibited.”

He continued, “We are now the only licensed company in North America that has received the safety certification. All other companies are held as suspect and carry severe warnings. In the U.S., suppliers have umbrella protection under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). However, this will soon change and will be regulated along the lines of the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) in Canada.”

Check out the up coming December 2012 edition of Alive Magazine, Life Choice has taken out a full page national ad in the publication announcing that it has the only licensed kava in North America. Review The Publication

For the last two years, Life Choice has attempted to legally bring their Kava Kava back onto the North American  market. In March, the company was finally rewarded and formulated the first Kava Kava product to receive a Natural Product Number – and therefore, a green light from Health Canada.

With these developments, Americans and Canadians across North America can enjoy the natural health benefits of Kava Kava supplementation, with no worries over legality or safety.


Life Choice is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of natural supplements and vitamins. Life Choice only manufacturers and offers the highest quality products including Kava Kava

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Each Life Choice product has been licensed by Health Canada and each of our products is labeled with a federal government issued natural health product number (NHP).

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