Monday, October 22, 2012

Natural Supplements That Help Your Mind Stay Strong And Mentally Fit

Alzheimer’s disease is one of those things that people would rather not think about. It is, perhaps, the classic illness of old age. Physical frailty is expected, and can be coped with. Mental frailty is much scarier for the sufferer and more demanding for those who have to look after them. It is expensive, too. Alzheimer’s is estimated to cost America alone some $170 billion a year. And it is getting more common as average lifespans increase. The number of people suffering from the disease is expected to triple by 2050.

The problem of what causes Alzheimer’s is profound. The physical manifestations of the disease, that
its founder and discoverer Alois Alzheimer noticed in 1906, were sticky plaques of one type of protein, now known as beta-amyloid, and nerve-cell-engulfing tangles of a second type, called tau protein. Since 1991, the the hypothesis is that the disease is caused by the plaques, and that the tangles are mere consequence.

Whatever the cause, one of the fundamental problems is that, whatever is causing the damage, treatment is starting too late. By the time someone presents behavioral symptoms, such as forgetfulness, his brain is already in a significant state of disrepair. Even a“cure” is unlikely to restore lost function.

Natural Supplements That Help You Stay Mentally Fit

Taking a natural supplement can also help your body stay fit when it comes to your mental health. 

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