Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life Choice Entered Into 5 Categories For 5 Alive Contest

Eldon Dahl, ND, and CEO of the nutraceutical company, Life Choice a leading natural supplement manufacturer located in Calgary, Canada, is pleased to announce that his company has 5 entries in this years 5 Alive Award of Excellence Contest.

The contest is open to "Alive" retailers and the general public.

Product quality

Product Quality is synonymous with Life Choice.

In 2011 at the Canadian Health Food Association (East) Dr. Dahl conducted a one-on-one media interview where he expressed his opinion about product quality in the natural health food industry.

In August 2012 he was interviewed by a print reporter from The Agoranational magazine, where again, he discussed the importance of product quality in his industry.

Even Hollywood has discovered Life Choice and has now gotten into the act. Hollywood star and actor  Nick Marcuso describes the benefits of Life Choice products. (Click below)

The Products

The five product that Life Choice has entered into this years 5 Alive contest are...

Kava Kava has been entered in the 'new product' category: Kava kava is best known as a ceremonial South Pacific beverage. However, the plant from which the beverage is made also has useful properteis to aid anxiety, hyperactivity, stress, and restlessness. Life Choice Kava Kava enables Canadians to once again enjoy the relaxing benefits, with no worries over legality or safety.

HGH+ Homeopathic has been entered in the 'immune product" category. HGH+ homeopathic represents a true anti-aging breakthrough in natural medicine. This safe, orally-administered preparation is a homeopathic alternative to expensive injections. Its homeopathic preparation encourages the body to produce more of the GH hormone on its own, reminding it of its proper function at the sub-molecular level.

Progest Liposome Cream has been entered in the 'women's product" category. Life Choice Progest Liposome Cream is an excellent option to help balance female hormones during the different cycles of life, from menstruation to menopause. Supplementing with natural Progest Liposome Cream simulates the body's own hormone production and helps bring the body back to its equilibrium and may help decrease symptoms.

Fiery Male has been entered in the "multivitamin and supplement" category. Fiery Male is a completely natural formula designed to balance men's hormones, raise testosterone levels, and in turn, increase libido. We have combined 16 scientifically researched ingredients which work synergistically, meaning each ingredient complements the other for absorption. Fiery Male powerfully supports mascular vitality when taking it, expect extraordinary results.

Laktokhan Probiotic has been entered in the "new supplement" category. Laktokhan is a probiotic supplement of exceptional quality and effectiveness that contains 10 billion CFU (colony-forming units) of four human strains of “friendly” intestinal micro-flora. These friendly bacteria help to keep harmful bacteria from multiplying in our intestines. Antibiotics can kill off healthy bacteria and lead to weakened immunity and intestinal disorders. Laktokhan restores the balance of good bacteria, thus helping to normalize digestive function and boost immunity.

How to vote.

Voting is open to the general public and 5 Alive retailers. The general public can cast one vote for each product since they represent 5 different categories. "5 Alive" retailers have the same option.

If you wish to vote and are unfamiliar with the voting procedure when you get to the voting page, there are two different links that split off when you get there. One is for the general public who can go straight to voting. The other is for 5 Alive retailers who must use the other link and enter their code.

If you wish to access the voting page please click on the following link


Life Choice is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of natural supplements and vitamins. Life Choice only manufacturers and offers the highest quality products to markets in Canada, The United States and The European Union.

Ask your medical practitioner, naturopath physician, or health food store manager for products carrying the Life Choice label. Or better yet, please visit our website and check out our products for yourself


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