Friday, September 28, 2012

Dr. Eldon Dahl, (ND) Named "Canadian Natural Health Products Industry's Leader For 2013"

Dr. Eldon Dahl, a naturopathic physician and advocate for the natural health industry, who founded the nutraceutical company Life Choice in 1986, was recently named "Canadian Natural Health Product Industry's  Leader For 2013" by Contact Canada, publishers of the Natural Health Products Industry Guide 2013

It’s no surprise that Eldon received the award given his commitment and dedication to the industry nor it is a surprise that he grew up to be a naturopath.

During his youth, his mother took him to a naturopathic doctor. She also used natural health supplements, raising her family with vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies—and without vaccinations. Eldon continued these traditions, for which he had developed a great respect early in life.

Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND (left)  receives the "Canadian Natural Health Product Industry's Leader Award For 2013" from Fred Hayes (right), the publisher of Contact Business Canada. The award ceremony took place at the CHFA (East) 2012 Trade Show held in Toronto, Canada.

In the 1980s, Eldon owned a health food store, and he was so intrigued by the healing potential of natural products that he went back to school to become a naturopathic doctor, graduating in 1988. He was particularly interested in the immune system and the correlation between its decline and disease. After attending a conference on anti-aging, Eldon was ignited with a desire to research ways of preserving youthful faculties. His clinical studies, using volunteers and dosage levels unheard of in conventional medicine, focused on the use of antioxidants to reduce lipofuscin within cell membranes, as well as oxidation within the brain.


Dr, Dahl, (ND) is joined in the celebration by Zoltan Berki (far left), Agnes Dahl (center), Kate Kokoski, and Fred Hayes

At the same time, he was formulating remedies, hand-filling capsules for friends and relatives, and later for his patients. This was the beginning of his supplement company, which has evolved into Life Choice Ltd.™, serving thousands of health stores and practitioners around the world. Although he encountered many regulatory hurdles along the way, his perseverance paid off, and today, the entire product line has the best of both worlds: endorsement by the NHPD, and licensing by Health Canada. The key commitment of Life Choice™ is to provide the highest quality licensed products which distinguish themselves as effective alternatives to allopathic medicine, and to make them available exclusively to health stores and naturopathic doctors. With this core value, Eldon has succeeded in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of his products, while remaining fully compliant with the regulations of the Natural Health Products Directorate.

Although maintaining regulatory compliance keeps him busy, Eldon maintains diverse interests. He is the author of three books: one describing his travels around the world and the intriguing cultural masks he collected; one hilarious children’s book with illustrations; and a collection of his poetry.

As if these pursuits were not enough, he also studies seismology, wine, and the art of sarcastic humour. A good sense of humour, he says, is necessary for good health.

Today Eldon lives near Calgary with his wife, Agnes, who shares Eldon’s love of beauty, peace, and living life with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

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( Article Reprinted with permission) - Contact Business Canada


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