Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scientific Studies Show That Kava Kava Is Very Safe For Human Consumption

In the July, 2012 edition of the New Agora Magazine,  Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND and CEO of the Nutracutical Company Life Choice, wrote an  interesting article on the history and benefits of Kava Kava (p.10). In addition, he not only provides evidence on the products safety record, but he provides a unique insight into the long journey that his company had to take in order to get the product licensed by Health Canada.

In a  complimentary article written by David Miller of Dicentra, the author explores the position of various Western governments towards Kava Kava (Canada, the United States, The European Union) and then proceeds to provide scientific and statistical evidence that would seem to raise doubts about the validity of their decisions in either banning, restricting, or issuing product safety warnings.


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The New Agora, (July, 2012)

"Kava In Canada" by David Miller

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