Sunday, July 22, 2012

Closure Of World Class Testing Facility Leads To False Claims And Inferior Products

Life Choice CEO Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND, and Constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley both believe that Ottawa's closing of a testing lab has led to inferior natural health food products to enter the Canadian market.

Buckley, a constitutional lawyer who represents the Natural Health Products Industry, believes that the closure has resulted in many company's falsifying their paperwork, thus, making their inferior products look high quality, therapeutic and safe.

According to Buckley "it is ironic, that the Federal government would close down a world class testing lab, and then impose more regulations to make if look as if they are making the industry more safe. Yet, without testing, how do you know that the product is really safe? how do you know that the ingredient's on the label match the contents of the bottle? You don't."

Dahl, a nautropath physician and CEO of Life Choice, with over 26 years in the Natural Health
Industry agrees with Buckley. He believes that the Natural Health Products Industry along with the Federal government, should have an open and honest discussion about product quality.

Dahl agrees with Buckley, in the sense, that  the closing of the testing facility has resulted in the licensing of many natural health products, that in the end, possess no therapeutic value for consumers.

To help explain the difference between the high and the low end brands, Dr. Dahl explains the differences in three keys areas: the types of raw materials used; the processing method implemented; the complimentary features of the formulations.

According to Dr. Dahl, "the high end brands use only quality natural raw materials consisting of plant based nutrients of the highest purity. These raw materials are then processed using a method called fermentation. The end result, is a formulation, in which all the ingredients compliment each other, providing maximum therapeutic value.

With low end brands, you really do not know what you are getting. Some low end brands have been known to contain raw materials of sewage, horse hair, animal hair and duck feathers. Some use an inferior processing method known as extraction. Others, create formulations which are non complimentary meaning that they have no therapeutic value."

There is no question that product quality is the key to a healthy and sustainable natural health products industry. Government can do their part by re-opening the world class testing facility that they closed. Suppliers, can do their part by sourcing raw materials that are of the highest grade. And manufacturers can do their part by processing and creating formulations that are complimentary and possess high theraputic value.

Finally, government and industry must communicate and work together to ensure that safe, effective and high quality natural health remedies are available to the consumer on a continious basis.


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