Monday, May 7, 2012

Focus On Quality Insulates Natural Health Manufacturer From Chinese Contamination Scandal

Media Release (May 7, 2012)
Immediate Release

CALGARY - According to a report from Xinhuanet News on April 26, 2012 Chinese authorities in Hebei Province have shut down 82 unlicensed drug capsule workshops because of a contamination scandal that was exposed earlier in the month. 

The story originally broke on April 15, 2012, when Chinese Central Television (CCTV) reported that 13 commonly prescribed drugs had been packed into capsules made with industrial gelatin which contains a much greater amount of chromium than edible gelatin.

Chromium can be toxic and carcinogenic to humans if ingested in large amounts. When asked to comment on chromium toxicity and the possibility of it being carcinogenic, Life Choice CEO, Dr. Eldon Dahl, commented “High amounts of chromium in its elemental form can be very toxic, this is why Life Choice only uses chromium formulated with picolinic acid, chromium picolinate is not toxic when taken in prescribed dosages.”    

When asked to comment on these events, Dr.Dahl, commented "I am not surprised by these closures. Time and time again, we see instances where Chinese manufacturers use contaminated or inferior materials in their production processes. Why should nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals be immune from these developments?

Asked if Life Choice, a North American manufacturer of natural supplements, is in any way affected by these closures, Dr.Dahl replied, "Absolutely not. All our raw materials are of the purest possible pharmaceutical grade, and they are manufactured by suppliers in Japan (pre-Fukushima nuclear disaster), the USA, or Europe that have a proven record for consistently high standards and quality." He continued, "We encapsulate our formulas in vegetarian capsules, and not in the less expensive animal-source gelatin capsules, because the quality of every component is paramount."

When asked if he knows of any Canadian, American or European company in his industry who may be directly affected by these closures? He replied, "I am not sure. My educated guess is that there may be a few. Some companies are always looking at different ways to cut corners and get a deal."  

To rectify the problem, Chinese authorities have decided to build an industrial park for drug capsule businesses only. These businesses will be under strict quality supervision to ensure the healthy development of the industry. 

When asked to comment on the Chinese plan to build an industrial park, Dr. Dahl replied, "I hope that they are successful. I hope that they succeed. However, only time will tell." 

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