Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Are Nurses Losing Faith In Vaccines?

Are nurses losing faith in Vaccines? After the 2009 HINI Flu Pandemic which did not occur as originally forecast, the answer seems to be 'yes". A study in the publication "Vaccine" shows that nurses trust in health authorities and vaccinations is at an all time low following the HINI flu pandemic that was ultimately proven to be false.

The study titled "What lied behind the low rates of vaccinations among nurse who treat infants" is evidence of a growing resistance of vaccinations  in the developed world. What is unfortunate is that many of these nurses who refuse the vaccinations themselves, proceed to administer vaccinations to infants to protect their employment.

To view this article in its entirety, and to see why nurses in the developing world are now questioning the health benefits of vaccinating themselves,  please visit the following link http://preventdisease.com/news/12/042312_Nurses-Losing-Faith-In-Vaccines-Becoming-Distrustful-of-Health-Authorities.shtml?utm_source=042312&utm_campaign=042312&utm_medium=email 


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