Sunday, March 4, 2012

Want to Stop A Spring Cold? Eat Pistachios

As a valuable food source, pistachios help regulate your body's fluid balance, they help build strong bones and strong teeth and they are an important element in the conversion of your body's energy. In addition, they also enhance your body's energy levels and help assist in the promotion of a normal appetite.

But did you know that recent medical research from UCLA suggest that pistachios can also assist you in fighting off a cold this spring season?

Today, the coronavirus, the virus that is responsible for spring colds, is currently making its presence felt. And if your immune system, which is still recovering from fighting off different viruses and bugs this past winter season remains weak, a cold triggered by this particular virus, could knock you off your feet for 1 to 3 weeks this spring.

According to the UCLA research, 1 cup of pistachios* daily could be one of your best defenses. According to the authors of the study, "pistachios are so rich in immunity boosting monounsaturated fatty acids, they will kick start anti body production in days."

In addition to the recommended 1 cup of pistachios daily, Life Choice also suggest adding to your diet natural supplements that could further assist you in fighting off a severe cold this spring season


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Life Choice "Healing The Nation One Person At A Time."

Woman First Magazine, March 26, 2012, "Fighting A Cold: Snack On Pistachios" p.39

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*To reduce the sodium and fat content of your diet, avoid salted, oil-roasted pistachio nuts.

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