Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Helpful hints for Parents: Caring For Your Child's Baby Teeth

Until recently baby teeth were not viewed as important because adult teeth eventually replace them. What we now know is that these primary teeth play a crucial role in guiding adult teeth into position.

Here are some helpful ideas for preventing decay in primary teeth:

1) Brush them twice a day. Allowing food particles to stay on teeth for any length of time increases the risk of decay.

2) Always brush after the evening meal so bits of food do not linger there overnight

3) Never let your baby go to sleep wit a bottle of juice or milk. Constant immersion increases the risk of decay. If necessary, a bottle of water is a much better idea.

4) Sweets between meals increases exposure to decay producing acids. A smarter approach is to offer sweets at the end of the meal. Of course, no sweets at all is your best bet. Fresh fruit is a great substitute for candy. The proverbial "sweet tooth" is developed at a very early age.

5) Avoid serving to much fruit juice. It encourages tooth decay and, on the whole is not as healthy for babies as it once was thought to be.

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Helpful Hints for Caring For Baby Teeth (Sunstar Butler)

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