Friday, January 27, 2012

Good Dental Health Makes You Younger

In his book "Real Age", Michael Roizen M.D., tells how simple habits like brushing and flossing regularly not only makes you look and feel younger, but can actually make you younger. In fact, keeping your teeth and gums healthy can make you 6.4 years younger in "Real Age" than chronological age. How is that? Better oral health leads to better total health.

Three out of four adults experience gum disease at some time in their life.
Gum disease - both gingivitis ( an early stage involving the gums ) and periodontitis ( an advanced stage causing damage to both the gums and bone in the mouth ) is caused by bacteria that proliferate in the mouth.

In people with severe gum disease, those bacteria may enter the bloodstream and may lead to problems elsewhere in the body. Research is beginning to connect severe gum disease and serious illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes complications and even pregnancy outcomes such as preterm, low birth weight infants to the bacteria in question.

The Life Choice brand believes that good oral health can lead to improved total health. In addition, to regular dental check ups, flossing and brushing, Life Choice, "A leader in Natural Supplements and Natural Health Products", offers two natural health products: Colloidal Silver and Opti Cal/Mag that can help you and your family maintain their good oral health. You can check out "Colloidal Silver" and "Opti Cal/Mag at the Life Choice website  

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