Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Social Gatherings Prolong Life For Senior Citizens

Did you know that an active social life for a senior (65+) has as much of a benefit as an exercise program?

According to Thomas Glass, an associated professor at the Harvard School of Public Health “social and productive activities that involve little or no enhancement of physical fitness lower the risks of all causes of death as much as exercise. In his research conclusions Glass wrote...” among elders who were less physically active, those who were more socially active and productive, lived longer than those who were least sociable and productive.”

According to Glass...”Keeping busy and social evoke changes in the brain that protect against cognitive decline.” His research seemed to conclude that “the odds of experiencing cognitive decline were approximately 2x as great as those reporting no social ties.”

By simply getting together with an individual or with a group of people at a church, in a restaurant or at a seniors drop in centre to play cards, board games or just to chat etc...Seniors are engaging in the art of socialization, a process that: increases their ability to focus; improves their memory; reduces their stress; enhances their immune system and improves their self esteem.

Who knew that having fun can help seniors delay aging and improve their mood and help fight against age related illnesses?

The message for seniors is simple, “as you age, stay interested in life and enjoy mental activities with your family, friends and peers”.

Note: There are many ways to choose social activities. One is to search for local activities. Many community organizations including libraries, park commissions and learning annexes offer free activities for seniors. The activities range from lectures and book clubs to classes in painting, drawing, poetry, yoga, dancing

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