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Parents: Tips On How To Dress Your Children So They Stay Warm This Winter Season

Exacta Weather ( predicts a particularly harsh winter for many parts of Canada and the United States during this 2011 - 2012 winter season.

Life Choice brands, a leader in natural supplements and vitamins, offers the following dress tips for parents ‘on how to keep your children warm this winter season.’

Dress in layers – The number one rule to keep your children warm this winter is to dress them in layers. By dressing them in layers, you are able to insulate them against the cold outside air, by trapping the warmer air against their body.

An additional benefit is that you are able to monitor their body temperature by removing or adding layers if you feel that that they are becoming too cold or to warm.

Loose clothing – Choose clothes for your children that are loose fitting. These types of clothes not only insulate your child better, but they allow for more movement of bodily fluids within your child’s body.

Avoid the use of cotton – Cotton absorbs your child’s perspiration (sweat) better than most other fabrics. If next to your child’s skin, it will end up making their skin colder

Use wool – Wool will keep your child warm even if it becomes wet. As a fabric, it breathes better than most other materials, thus, allowing your child’s sweat to evaporate more easily. This means that your child will not become cold when they become less active.

If wool is unavailable – If wool is unavailable then other materials like silk, polyester or nylon are good substitutes next to their skin. Again, avoid cotton.

Keep their hands warm – Wool gloves covered by a nylon shell works the best for active children.

Keep their head warm – Your child will lose more body heat through their head than any other part of their body. Have your child wear a toque or a hat to trap their body heat.

Keep their feet warm – Your child’s feet are in constant contact with the cold ground. Have then wear boots that are well insulted. Again, layer their socks. Wool socks work the best

Keep their neck warm - The less skin your child has exposed to the cold the better. In addition, by covering up their neck you prevent body heat from escaping from their jacket into the environment.

Minimize the amount of sweating that occurs – This is a tough one. Especially for parents with active children who want to go outside to play in the snow.

However, as a parent you should note; that if your child starts to get warm, they will soon start to sweat. When they sweat, they will get wet, and when they get wet, they will get cold. If you find that you child is beginning to sweat it is time to begin radiating their body heat and begin cooling them down.  Your first choice would be to remove their mittens; your second choice would be to remove their toque or hat. Either way, you are allowing their body heat to escape, thus allowing the body the ability cool itself down.

Their jacket – Choosing a jacket for child is very important. A jacket or coat with down insulation works the best. Make sure that their jacket or coat has a hood because this will prevent their body heat from escaping through their head. In addition, make sure that all of the jackets openings have string or Velcro seals. Again, this will prevent their body heat from escaping into the outside environment through the openings.

By following these tips, we at Life Choice, hope that your children have a fun time playing outside in the cold frigid temperatures this snowy winter season.

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