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Thyroid Cancer: The Fastest Growing Cancer For Women In The United States

Thyroid Cancer: The Fastest Growing Cancer For Women In The United States

Cochrane, Alberta, July 11, 2011 - Thyroid Cancer is the fasting growing cancer in women. 45,000 new cases of Thyroid Cancer are expected this year in America, and 3 out of 4 of these cases will be woman. 

Life Choice Brand, a leader in natural supplements and vitamins, supports the research that is currently being done in this field, especially, when the research focuses on the prevention and cure of this disease.
Life Choice notes two particular articles one by Dr. Oz and the other by AU graduate student Caroline Stetler, herself a survivor of thyroid cancer

Life Choice points out that Stetler’s study (published in the March, 2009 issue of the Journal “Cancer Epidemiology and Biomarkers Prevention”) found that from the years 1980 to 2005, the number of thyroid tumors larger than 2 centimeters increased.  According to the researcher herself, “There is now proof the increasing rate is not just a reflection of improved detection.”

In one of her articles, Stetler reviews some of the theories about what is causing the increase in thyroid cancer, these include:
             Nuclear fallout exposure
-          Hereditary: The role of genes
-          Benign/autoimmune thyroid disease
-          Increased exposure to CT-scans
-          Environmental pollutants, including per chlorate, polychlorinated biphenyls and dioxins
-          Iodine deficiency
-          Obesity

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Why Is Thyroid Cancer The Fastest Growing Cancer In The United States

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