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Shopping Tips: What To Consider When Buying Organic Food Products.

Cochrane, Alberta ( July 23, 2011 ) - Organic foods may be healthier for your, but they are expensive. Produced without pesticides and other chemicals organic produce, meat and dairy products can cost 50% to 100% more than conventional counterparts. Despite these mark up, studies touting the health and environmental benefits of organic foods have made them more popular than ever before.

When buying organic, the first thing that you should be looking for, is to make sure that the product is properly labelled. Look for products that have certified organic labels. Fully organic products have the backing of the Quality Assurances International (QAI) or the Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA).

In addition to labelling, here are seven other shopping tips you should consider when purchasing organic.

Set Priorities - Buy organic apples, beef and spinach, that's because the conventional counterparts to these foods are laden with pesticides and other potentially harmful additives. Produce like papayas, bananas and broccoli require less pesticides to grow, thereby retaining little to no residue after washing. Also, read the label, seafood, cosmetics and cleaning products can be labelled "organic" without having to face the same requirements that are imposed on vegetable and meat.

Consider Your Alternative - Prices on organic meat, eggs and dairy products can be some of the most costly. Reason: Lack of Organic Foods for the animals. An alternative would be to consider antibiotic or hormone free foods. While the animal may have eaten regular food(s),  he meets the other half of the equation - no hormones/no antibiotics.

Organics go on sale, too - Conventional discount shopping wisdom also applies to organic foods. Keep an eye out for coupons and discounts. A second option, buy fruit and vegetables that are in season - this leads to more competitive pricing (lower prices).

Carefully, choose the store that you shop at - Look for Natural or Organic Stores in your neighbourhood and shop there. Preferably, locally owned and operated. That way, If you have any questions concerning organic foods, the staff might be able to handle your questions better with more quality answers.

Turn to local farmers - Local farmers in conjunction with seasonality, sometimes, produces great deals. Check out the local farmers in your area.

Consider Generics - Many supermarkets are adding organic lines to their private labels. A move that allows shoppers to buy organic at significant discounts over big name brands.

Look for organic sections - Larger supermarkets and large grocery store chains often have organic farm section(s) in their store(s).

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